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10-ton 14" stroke cylinder
Cyl. Cap. (tons) 10
Stroke (in.) 14-1/8
Order No. C1014C
Oil Cap. (cu. In.) 31.6
Retracted Height (in.) 17-3/4
Extended Height (in.) 31-7/8
Outside Dia. (in.) 2-1/4
Collar Thread (in.) 2-1/4-14
Collar Thread Length (in.) 1-1/8
Base to Port (in.) 3/4
Piston Rod Dia. (in.) 1-1/2
Piston Rod Int. Thread and Depth(in.) 1-8 x 3/4
Piston Rod Protrusion (in.) 1/4
Bore Dia. (in.) 1-11/16
Cylinder Effective Area (sq. in.) 2.236
Internal Press. At Cap. (psi) 8,948
Tons at 10,000 psi 11.2
Prod. Wt. (lbs.) 16.2

Air Hydraulic Pump w/ 10,000 psi hose 6 cu. in./min., Single-Acting (PA6 Series) Single-speed pump designed to drive single-acting cylinders or tools. Pump can easily be operated by hand or foot.