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Model 54 Bender

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Model 54 Bender

Model 54 Bender

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Model 54 Rotary Bender

The Model 54 Rotary Bender is here! Have the need to bend .5” OD or how about 3” OD tubing? This bender can bend a broad spectrum of sizes. The Model 54 machine is great for the racing industry, boating, hand rails, and most fabrications.


List Price:$4,250


Bender Features and Capabilities:

  • Machine includes: Bender, Stand, Pump, Cylinder, and target set feature.
  • Up to 3” OD x .120” wall or 2” OD x .250 wall.
  • Up to 1.5” OD solid.
  • Die Sets – Use Model 50 Series dies sold separately.The CLR is sized on the inch and half inch.
  • Supports up to a 12.5” center line radius.
  • The indexing wheel and engraved twin rails allow you to determine the bend position once for a die set and use that setting for the life of the bender.
  • 1 shot 90 degree bend in approximately 18 seconds
  • 2 shot  180 degree bend
  • Options in cylinder size: 2" which allows you to achieve up to a 2" OD .120 wall in 8-10 seconds and a 3" cylinder to bend up to 3" OD tubing at .120 wall in 16-18 seconds.
  • Quick release toggle lever. This allows for easy removal of tubing.
  • Computer readout of degrees to the .1 degree.
  • 1 ½ H.P. 3,000 PSI Electronic / Hydraulic Pump
  • Set Target Feature (Included with Model 54 purchase) –You are able to set the degrees desired on the digital readout and the hydraulic unit will automatically stop the bend within 2/10 of a degree.
  • Rotary Indexer Accessory – This is can be added to a Model 54 bender. Adds simplicity and accuracy to your bending.

Model54 Stand Includes:

  • Weight 160 lbs.
  • Built in shelves for pump and tools.
  • Two 1,200 lb. casters for longevity.
  • Leveling bolts
Videos of the Model 50 Series Rotary Benders:

Model 54 Rotary Bender Testimonials:

Model 54 with rotary

Very happy with my purchase. What an outstanding machine! It is very EZ to use and the youtube video’s really help with understanding the operations. Only had this machine for a couple months and we are up to 10+ die sets due to customers needs. Its as EZ as calling JD2 stating what die size I need and it ships out if not next day the day after!

I have only built one chassis so far but where this unit shines is the production use of the same “Part” bends over and over.

We recently received a furniture design that consist of several bends at all different angles/ nothing is flat or straight from one bend to the next. With the rotary and use of the rotary “trolley” stops we are bending the same “part” over and over. That might sound easy enough, but these are custom design chairs that are required to be withing 1/32 of the measurements for the back and seat to align correctly. The rotary and model 54 combined allows us to cut the tube length,mark it once for the start length, bend per the computer pre-set degree, pull it forward to the next stop, rotate (as needed), change the bender pre-set,bend and repeat as many times as necessary, not once do you have to measure or scale or use a degree finder to know where the next bend will be. Final or finish cut length? Clean up the tubing? No and no, the part comes out the same time after time, right length and ready to ship.

Thanks again guys for the awesome customer service and a great product you have provided. - Heimaster Metal Works (Travis) on Pirate 4x4